FlexDesk is a cloud based software to easily manage Gymnastics centre’s everyday operations such as tracking attendance, evaluations and communication to parents with ease.

“We have thoroughly enjoyed working with GreeneDesk and have received outstanding service as well as a great retention tool for our members.”

Kelly French  | Manager, SA AquaticsRecreation Centre

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How can FlexDesk help your centre?


Say good bye to cumbersome paperwork to keep track of student progress. FlexDesk provides a user friendly interface to conduct assessments, on the pool deck with an iPad or any tablet device

FlexDesk’s curriculum can be customised to your facility through flexible system settings.


Establish assessment email templates for progressed and non progressed outcomes to improve communication with parents.

Online parent portal allows parents to view the progress of their child after each assessment.


Retention reporting allows you to identify students needing more support.

Analyse the performance of your team to improve progression rates.

Track student assessment using ipad’s or other tablet devices

FlexDesk provides Gymnastics schools with the ability to more effectively, track, engage and retain their Gymnastics students.

Unique features such as assessment email notifications and online parent portal help swim schools transform their ability to positively engage and communicate with their customer base.


FlexDesk is flexible and can work seamlessly with your centres existing systems and processes


FlexDesk can be easily customised to suit your centre’s curriculum, branding and other preferences. These settings can be managed directly from your accounts management settings.


FlexDesk can integrate with any management or booking system to provide a streamlined all in one solution to managing your gymnastics program. If you would like a list of existing software providers who integrate directly with FlexDesk please contact us on 1300 181 665


Flex Desk is a cloud/web based software. Clients and end users can log in with a secure username and password. FlexDesk is a cross platform, cross- device software which can be viewed easily on computer, ipad or any smart phone.

Storage and privacy

Greene Desk software is committed to protecting customer and end user information. We have a detailed privacy policy which is in line with up to date privacy and data security recommendations.

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