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School based swimming lessons are a significant part of many learn to swim centres.

With increased focus on mandatory swimming lessons for school students it is likely that opportunities to profit from school based lessons will continue to expand.

The challenge with school based lessons!

The biggest challenge with school based swimming lessons is the large amount of time and effort to prepare for each school.

Preparation time can be endless when you consider collecting paperwork, creating classes, allocating students, writing out certificates.

It’s easy to end up completely overwhelmed by the masses of paperwork to prepare for school lessons.

This significant time investment makes it harder for swim school providers to make their schools programs profitable.

If you can find ways to cut down the administration time for a school whilst maintaining the same high level of service, your swim school would receive greater benefit from your school swimming lessons.

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Why SwimDesk School Module?

Save hours on administration time through features such as class uploads and digital certificate

Improve customer experience (Ensure more time is spent teaching through level

Reduce paper costs and consumptions through electronic records

Improve school retention (through electronic history of student’s past performance)

Streamlining management of your school lessons

Finally, there is a better way to manage school based swimming lessons.

The SwimDesk school’s module which has been specifically designed to help swim school cut down adminstration time for school based lessons.

The SwimDesk school’s module is an extension of the popular SwimDesk software which is used for managing student progression and parent communication.

SwimDesk schools allows you to manage your school based lessons electronically allowing you to significantly reduce the paperwork and filing involved with managing school lessons.

SwimDesk school’s helps you cut down time consuming aspects of managing school lessons including collecting student information, class creation and allocation, and writing out certificates at the conclusion of the program,

An added benefit of the program is that you can easily track student performance for previous years school lessons which helps with correct level allocation every new year.

Program Features

Online enrolment forms capture student information including suggested starting levels.

Create session times and classes within those session times with a few easy clicks.

Allocate students into classes within a few minutes with suggested level filtering and bulk class allocation.

Print class lists in bulk with a couple of clicks of a mouse.

Tablet based attendance and skill marking options

Quickly make class changes on pool deck with rapid class assignment

Bulk print or send your centre based student certificates

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