SalesDesk CRM is an easy solution built specifically for health clubs & leisure centres to manage leads and sales processes.

Create unique opportunities to generate leads and intelligent after sales follow-ups.

How can SalesDesk CRM help your centre?


SalesDesk CRM helps you keep leads from different sources such as walk-ins, phone calls, social media and website all in one place. SalesDesk provides easy plug-ins to generate leads from your website and social media to directly flow into one database to make it very easy to follow up and close a sale.

Phone calls are crucial for any sales process and customized phone scripts catering to your specific products, it makes the sales process so much smoother. When combined with a powerful scheduling engine, it makes it formidable.

The sales tour calendar keeps your club organised by tracking all sales related appointments included facility tours and sign ups. The appointments seamlessly flow into an electronic prospect needs form which allows your sales consultants to gather important information about each prospect including, goals, wants and exercise history.


According to Forrester Research, lack of lead nurturing is one of the biggest reasons for less than optimal sales results yet most health clubs & leisure centres lack any form of lead nurturing process

The most powerful part of the SalesDesk system is the follow up scheduling and automation features. These features allow your club to organize consistent follow up via phone and email to your active leads until they convert to members. Automated follow up emails can be customised and personalised to help convey the specific benefits of joining your facility.

SalesDesk tracks every touch point made to every lead and hence gives an accurate picture for the consultant to make informed conversations and thus increasing the possibility of a sale.


SalesDesk CRM tracks and reports various KPIs in different stages of the sales process. The advanced analytics provided range from the touch points based on different modes to which consultant is performing. on organisation to individual sales performances, referrals to measured lead sources and contact method conversions Different products in a facility can be tracked and analyzed separately. If there are more than one facility, there is an association dashboard provided to monitor and compare the different facilities. This helps to build best practices and implement consistent strategies across the centers.

Manage Sales Tours Using Tablet

SalesDesk provides a great way for sales consultants to do a tour of the facility and capture key information from the lead using a tablet. This eliminates the need for paper and data falling through the cracks.

Used by industry leaders

SalesDesk CRM is used by several leisure centres to manage customer relationships

Flexibility & Customization

SalesDesk is flexible and can work seamlessly with your centre’s existing systems and processes


SalesDesk is customizable to every need of your facility. Every facility has different products, different sales processes and procedures. SalesDesk is customizable to your products, phone scripts, rosters etc

If there are multiple facilities and the same process has to be implemented across them, that can be done very easily as well.


SalesDesk seamlessly integrates with several facility management solutions.

SalesDesk is integrate with GreeneDesk’s other products such as FitDesk, SwimDesk, FlexDesk and CareDesk. Hence there will be advanced features enabled if the facility uses any of these products.


Most of the time the front desk staff do multiple functions especially scheduling appointments and follow-ups. SalesDesk CRM when integrated with other products from GreeneDesk provides a great way to generate leads and do informed after sales follow-ups.

SalesDesk provides a easy way for authorized users to do cross-functions with ease.

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