Member Engagement and

Master the most important area of your health club.

To generate meaningful improvements in health club member retention can be really difficult.

Often knowledge about member retention strategies is not the problem. The biggest area where health clubs can struggle is through the implementation of a retention strategy.

To successfully implement an effective member retention strategy your health club needs the right tools to enable you to more effectively track and monitor your member’s progress.

FitDesk Retention Helps Health Clubs implement an effective member retention pathway that helps deepen the relationship with members and ensures they get the support they require to reach their goals.

How does FitDesk retention work?

Track Milestones

Member retention is about moving members from one step to the next. Taking a member from a new beginner to a comfortable and engaged member is a step by step process that often requires the ongoing support and nurturing of a gym instructor. FitDesk allows you to establish and track the various stage or milestones that your members reach. The establishment of a milestone pathway allows you to monitor member progress and identify the logical next step for ensuring all your members reach their goals.

Scheduling Task

Following up with members at the right time is critical for member retention success. Once a member drops off, there is only a 6% chance of re-engaging them. Proactive follow up helps your team remove any road blocks and ensure member stay on track and progressing forward. The problem with follow up is that most health club trainers see hundreds or even thousands of different members making it almost impossible to keep track of which member to follow up at what time and for what reason. FitDesk solves this problem by through its task scheduling tool which can be programmed to automatically set up a “to do” list of member follow up tasks for your team to complete based on customisable rules.

Follow Up Automation

A MUST for any health club’s retention process is having a strong member onboarding processes. More effort is needed in the early stages to help educate a member and make them feel comfortable. An onboarding processes should include face to face appointments as well as an automated onboarding sequence. This sequence will typically include a series of emails that help educate a member, build a relationship and make them feel comfortable.  FitDesk allows you to automate a comprehensive follow up automation process delivering email and SMS content that will help robotically educate members and create  deeper relationships.

FitDesk Retention Will Help Your Health Club

Deepen relationships with members

Save time through automation

Improve customer experience and introduce some wow factor

Improve member educate and onboarding

Automate member follow up

Improve staff accountability

“After 4 years of using FitDesk and integrating the program throughout our membership base our retention has reached 80.4%.”

Steve Marquis, Aquarena

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