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track, engage and retain their members

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FitDesk Digital Workout Programs

We are looking to digitize workout programs and fitness consultations

For years health clubs have written workout programs and training plans for members...
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Member Engagement and Retention

We are looking to improve member engagement and retention

To generate meaningful improvements in health club member retention can be really difficult...
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Gym and Personal Training Bookings

We are looking for a solution for our Health Club and Personal Training Bookings

FitDesk’s online booking system allows health clubs to manage and track their health club...
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We are looking to digitize workout programs and fitness consultations

We are looking to improve member engagement and retention

We are looking to save time through automation

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” After 4 years of using FitDesk and integrating the program throughout our membership base our retention has reached 80.4%.”

We implemented FitDesk at Aquarena in February 2010, our retention was 73.5%, since that point we have been able to implement the system and capabilities in to our service model and have seen retention improve gradually each month as we could compliment current procedures and enhance the way we serve our members.

Steve MarquisAquarena Aquatic and Leisure Centre, Victoria, Australia


FitDesk is cloud based cross-platform, cross- browser compatible software which means it will work in most computers, tablets and smart phones.

Trainers can do their facility tour, evaluation, assessment, member’s training & workout plans using a tablet, managers can keep tabs on the trainer performance and member activities with their phones, members can track workouts with their computer at home or a smart phone.


FitDesk is flexible and can work seamlessly with your centres existing systems and processes


Every facility will have their own way of doing things. FitDesk is customizable to every centre’s equipment, testing protocols, evaluation data needs, branding and other specific needs of the facility. The settings can be managed directly by the facility itself with a simple to use user interface.


FitDesk can integrate with any management or booking system to provide a streamlined all – in- one solution to manage the health club. If you would like a list of existing software providers who integrate directly with FitDesk please contact us on 1300 181 665. If your management system is not currently integrated with FitDesk please contact us and we can assist.


FitDesk is a cloud/web based software. Clients and end users can log in with a secure username and password. FitDesk is multi device and multi browser compatible meaning it can be viewed easily on computer, iPad or smart phone.

Storage and Privacy

GreeneDesk software is committed to protecting customer and end user information. We have a detailed privacy policy which is in line with up to date privacy and data security recommendations.

Used by industry leaders

FitDesk is trusted by leading health clubs and leisure centres as a tool to track, engage and retain their members. With over 1 million workouts, FitDesk is Australian health clubs most popular management tool.